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Cyberpunk is a genre that I got into fairly recently and perhaps like some of you, you got introduced to it through Cyberpunk 2077. I remember seeing the E3 2018 demo and being intrigued, not quite sold on the game but I was fascinated with the weaponry and the open world.


I began diving more into the genre and initially I thought it was a visual aesthetic. Whenever I searched ‘Cyberpunk’ into the internet, I would see robotic arms , large holographic billboards and neon inspired colour palettes. And it was around this time that I wanted to implement ‘cyberpunk’ into my artwork. So you can imagine I was literally drawing characters with robotic arms and then classing it has Cyberpunk. 


But I was completely wrong, Cyberpunk isn’t a visual aesthetic, it’s a culture. It’s controversial, it’s bold and it a rebellion. I think that’s the main reason why I was so drawn to the genre in the first place.


I’ve struggled a lot with self esteem in the past and it’s made me feel alone and worthless. But, Cyberpunk has challenged the way I see myself and it’s made me feel confident. 


In the photo above, you can see that I’m rocking a short haircut and wearing a bright bold outfit.  And even though it’s 2019, I’ve gotten judgemental looks because of the way I’m dressed. Society doesn’t accept people who rebel against the norm and for a long time I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere.


That was until I found Cyberpunk; in this genre you can be whoever you want and no one will judge you.


That’s why I want to support this genre and community so much! I want to help others who are fairly new to this gritty world, learn and discover what Cyberpunk truly is. I definitely believe that this is a genre that is hard to understand at face value; you can’t really describe it in one word. 


But don’t worry this is a space dedicated to you, so don’t feel like you have to know everything about the genre immediately. Take your time and enjoy the best this genre has to offer!