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1 Up and 3 Downs | Neoskies Upgrade SPOILER Review

You know the amount of people that recommended this movie to me is unbelievable, not going to lie made me have HIGH expectations for this film. Did it meet my high standards or did it fall flat?


3. Emotional Narrative Falls Flat

Credits to Blumhouse Productions

I could tell that the movie wanted the audience to emphasise with Grey (Logan Marshall-Green), due to the fact that he had two traumatic experiences. Losing his wife, Asha (Melanie Vallejo), and being unable to walk again changed him. However, I didn’t really feel any sorrow or deep sadness for him, and that doesn’t make me a dick but I just felt like it could have been written better. Perhaps letting us spend more time with his wife before killing her.

2. Grey > Everyone Else

Credits to Blumhouse Productions

There were certain characters in this movie that just lacked the charisma that Grey had, and I know I shouldn’t compare but it was just hard for me to enjoy some of their scenes.

Eron Keen (Harrison Gilbertson) felt robotic at times and maybe it was because he was working for STEM but still come on… have a bit more personality!

Eron had a lot of skills that I felt he should be proud of, I mean he built STEM, that’s an achievement that could make a person cocky or ambitious. Wished we could have seen that side of him.

I felt like Asha was too good and too perfect, she didn’t really leave room for me to be curious about her or her lifestyle.

Fisk (Benedict Hardie) and Detective Cortez (Betty Gabriel) were alright I guess, they had interesting moments throughout the film but I’m sorry when you’re standing next to Logan it’s impossible for them not to be out shun.

1. The STEM Plot Twist Was Unnecessary

Credits to Blumhouse Productions

STEM was actually one of my favourite characters up until the point where they decided to let it become this all powerful mastermind who wanted a human body and chose Grey because he was the perfect human. And ugh I just left after that point.

Why couldn’t STEM just be an AI who had a conscious and didn’t want to die because it enjoyed the feeling of being human and having companionship…



Credits to Blumhouse Productions

I remember being so excited when Grey gave STEM permission to take control of his body for the first time. It was like Grey was doing some Matrix tech, I was so amazed! And the cinematography just enhances the overall excitement that I was feeling, who ever thought of changing the camera angles during those moments is a genius!

It was at this point that all I wanted to see were more and more fights with STEM in control (which we gladly got blessed with). It’s just sad that those were the only scenes that I got excited for, because the rest of the movie didn’t interest me that much


Upgrade is a very stylish film but it lacked something and I don't know whether it was emotional depth or just other interesting characters, but it definitely lacked something.

If you love unique fight scenes and high intense action then you'll love this film otherwise you're going to get bored really quickly.

What did you think of Upgrade? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below.