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  • Ruth Holder

5 Things To Know About the 'Deus Ex' Franchise Before You Get Into the Series

Heard about the Deus Ex games but never knew what they were about or if they were worth playing? Well don't worry, I've done all the hard work for you and listed 5 things that's important to know about the Deus Ex franchise!

1 - Adam Jensen isn’t the protagonist of the series

You may know of Adam Jensen as the man who “didn’t ask for this” but he’s actually not the main protagonist of the series, there are in fact multiple. In the original Deus Ex game, the protagonist is JC Denton, an agent of UNATCO, an anti-terrorist faction.

Following the original game is Invisible War, which stars Alex Denton, JC Denton’s brother, a student at Tarsus Academy.

Then Human Revolution and the recent game in the franchise, Mankind Divided, which is headed by Adam Jensen comes next. Jensen initially works as Chief of Security for Sarif Industries before becoming an agent for TF29, an anti-terrorist intelligence and response team that works under Interpol.

Following Human Revolution, is The Fall, which Ben Saxon, a member of Belltower Associates is the main protagonist of.

So as you can see, the Deus Ex franchise isn't solely headed by Adam Jensen, there are many characters that all have a part to play in the series's expansive world. Though if I’m going to be honest, Adam Jensen is hands down my favourite character!

2 - The World is Controlled by a Secret Society Called ‘The Illuminati’

Symbol of the Illuminati in Deus Ex

You’ve heard many conspiracy theories about this group online and in the media but in the Deus Ex franchise, the Illuminati are a secret society whose main mission is to create a new world order which will allow them to govern without any opposition.

Picus TV reporting on the 'terrorist' attacks made by augmented people

They are in control of everything that can be consumed. Whether it’s in the form of the news or drugs that the augmented need in order to survive. With Picus TV controlling what appears in the news and clinics like VersaLife sourcing Neuropozyne, an anti-rejection drug that helps those whose bodies reject augmentations, the Illuminati practically has the world in the palm of their hands.

Neuropozyne being reported on by Picus TV

3 - The Games Have Predicted Real Life Events

Now this fact is actually pretty scary. The developers of the Deus Ex series don’t refer to their games as ‘sci-fi’ but rather as "futuristic anticipation". And seeing how some of their visions of the future have come to pass in recent years, you can see why!

In the original Deus Ex game, if you go to New York the Twin Towers are missing and the explanation as to why is because of a terrorist attack. Considering that the infamous 9/11 attack happened in 2001, a year after the original game was released, this is very eerie that they predicted the attack before it happened.

The games have also predicted fashion choices before it’s time. At Dolce & Gannaba’s Spring 2019 event, a model was seen walking the runway with clothing similar to David Sarif in Mankind Divided.

Either Dolce & Gabanna found inspiration from David Sarif or Deus Ex’s powers of prediction is something that we shouldn’t take lightly...

4 - Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

The Deus Ex series is known for making the player's decisions impact the overall game. Whether you decide to side with a particular faction, use a non-lethal style of play or use C.A.S.I.E (a social enhancer) in order to persuade someone not to kill a civilian, Deus Ex is full of opportunities that allow you to freely play the game as you want to!

5 - Mankind Divided is the latest instalment in the franchise and it didn’t do too well...

Wallpaper for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex fans have been eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the acclaimed franchise but the reason why we haven’t got a new game in the last two years, may be due to the fact that Mankind Divided didn’t do so well in sales.

Mankind Divided sold over 310,000 copies whereas Human Revolution sold over 2.1 million copies. The major difference in sales numbers was very disappointing for Square Enix, the publisher of the series, who told Eurogamer that the series will be going on hiatus following Mankind Divided.

Being a huge fan of Mankind Divided, this is very sad news as I know it is also for the Deus Ex community. But don’t give up hope, we’ll get a sequel to Mankind Divided one day, which will hopefully tie up all the loose ends that the game has left us to contemplate and theorize on.

But if you haven’t played any of the Deus Ex games and you want to, I hope this article has given you some insight into the game's world!

If you’re thinking of playing one of the Deus Ex games, or your an avid fan of the series write what your favourite game in the franchise is below!