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A Closer Look At Social Media and Seeking Validation From Others

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

When I was in secondary school, my self esteem was very low. I wanted to be loved by everyone because I was very self-conscience about what people thought of me. So what did I do? I became someone else; made myself appear weak so I wasn’t seen as a threat to anyone. Stayed cooped up, reserved and “shy”.

This was a common word used to describe me in school, which now when I think about it, held me back a lot. I wasn’t shy at all! I was loud and talkative. The moment me and my sister were in the same space as each other, all you would hear is non-stop talking (you really couldn't shut us up)! But whenever I heard: “Omg, you’re so shy.” I felt like it made me conform to how people saw me, which was an introvert.

This is what the hearts that cover the characters's eyes represent. My lack of trust in myself and how I changed myself for others. Because I was blind and all I could see were what others thought of me.

Social media was another factor to my low self esteem, it affected me a lot as an artist. The pressure of uploading and creating artwork on a constant basis was hard! Especially, when your a freelance artist, you want your work to be seen. And I thought uploading on a regular basis would get me the attention I needed.

Also, the amount of likes I got on my artwork, really got to be at one point. Depending on how many likes I received affected how I viewed my art and my skills as an artist. “Maybe I’m not as good as I thought I was.”

This made me think that I needed to create artwork that was trendy in the art community to be seen and liked by others. For example: Creating Original Characters [OCs], this was something that every artist has. OCs are characters that an artist creates for themselves, they create their backstory, design their concept and introduce them to the world.

I wasn’t particularly interested in this, because I didn’t really have a character of my own that I was boiling to create. However, I just randomly puffed a character out of thin air because this was a popular concept and it got a lot of attention from people.

This was similar to Inktober, an event during October which is centred around drawing ink pieces everyday. Another event which I wasn’t completely committed or interested in but took part in it anyway, because it was a popular norm in the community and got a lot of attention.

I received a lot of support for this piece and I'm glad there are others who relate to the pressures of social media.

There were a few aspects I wanted to improve on my original piece, for example: the Instagram logo. I originally wanted the Instagram logo to be on the character's body, to show it being a part of her (the attention). But I don't think that was clear so I decided to put the logo in the background and enlarge the size. Due to the bright colours this is the first thing you see, and the colours resemble more of the logo than before.

Lastly, I wanted to add wires coming from the back of her head that would be connected to the Instagram logo. This represents that my thoughts and opinions are connected with social media and how others view me.

This piece means a lot to me and I am extremely proud to make it available at this link!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post, I have something for exciting lined up for you guys!