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Joi was programmed by Wallace to get K to lead them to the miracle child| Blade Runner 2049 Theory

Okay, I know this might sound absurd but humour my theory for a bit. By the way this post contains SPOILERS so consider this your warning if you haven't seen Blade Runner 2049.

Everything you want to hear

Still from Blade Runner 2049

So we already know that Joi is a holographic companion created by Wallace Corporations, the slogan they use for her product is “Everything you want to hear”. So what if Joi was leading him on all this entire time, telling him he was special, making him think he was the miracle child so that he decides to go searching for answers?

Therefore the only thing Niander Wallace and Luv have to do is follow him...

Luv using Joi to know K's whereabouts

Another piece of proof that I can use to persuade you on this theory, is the fact that Luv dropped missiles around K's location to save him from the scavenger ambush. Now we all know she didn't do this because she genuinely cares for K, but we do know she did it so that he could continue the search the child.

Luv in Blade Runner 2049

But the real question is, how did Luv know where K was in the first place? Well according to Blade Runner Wiki: "Joi hardware had the ability to utilize communications networks to contact other entities on its own initiative and could be used to monitor or track Joi users." Which basically states that Joi has a GPS built inside her hardware, which is why this next part is so important...

Not everything went according to plan

If my theory is correct and Joi was actually programmed specifically for K to find the miracle child, then somewhere along the way, she broke the coding by actually falling in love with him. You can tell throughout the movie that she genuinely cares for him and they eventually end up sharing an intimate moment by having sex.

When K realises that they have to go on the run, Joi tells him to break the antenna in the Emanator, which further enforces that Wallace Corporations has tracking devices in the Joi hardware.

This is Luv's reaction to this sudden action:

Luv realising the GPS is broken in Blade Runner 2049

When Luv finally encounters Joi and K in Las Vegas, she beats him up and Joi shouts at her to stop. What I noticed was that Luv gives her this look as if to say: "You're usefulness as ended" before destroying the emanator (Joi's death will always be one of my favourite scenes from the movies, it's s emotional).

Luv before destroying the Emanator in Blade Runner 2049

So, do you agree with my theory? Let me know in the comments below!