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  • Ruth Holder

Mr Robot Season 4 Episode 3 Spoiler Review

Is it just me, or does Season 4 of Mr Robot just keep getting better and better? Sam Esmail is really going all in on this final season of USA Network’s hit series and although it’s going to be sad to see it come to an end, I’m excited to see how it will conclude!

But before we cry our tears of sadness, let’s dive into Mr Robot’s recent episode and see how the story played out!

Guess who’s back?

Fernando Vera in Episode 3 of Season 4

Darlene did mentioned in the previous episode that the druglord was back in town and lo’ and behold, he actually is. Fernando Vera is back to grace our screens and as per usual, he’s up to no good and obsessing over Elliot. After sending one of his lackeys to follow Elliot in order to find out information that he could use to coax him into a partnership, we find out that Elliot’s former therapist, Krista Gordan, has sent letters to Elliot demanding that he stays away from her.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve forgotten some minor details of Mr Robot (it’s been almost two years since the last season came out - cut me some slack!), so I don’t know if this is new information or if they left off badly in the previous season but Fernando feels like he can use Krista to get Elliot to be his partner. So, we'll just have to wait and see what Fernando plans to do with her…

“I’m crazy too”

Elliot and Olivia share a tender moment

This...I wasn’t expecting. Throughout this season, Elliot has shown no emotion or concern to anyone. He didn’t care when Angela died, doesn’t care about how her death is affecting Darlene, felt no remorse or any emotion actually towards his mother’s death - Elliot’s been a cold-hearted bastard this season hasn’t he?

Yet, when he meets Olivia Cortez, Susan Jacobs’s contact at Cyprus National Bank, despite an awkward introduction and first meeting, they have sex. Now, I know he did this so that he could get her fob in order to get her password but sex is very intimate, so for him to go that far, he must have felt some connection towards her...right?

The conversation they share afterwards shows signs that he did because Elliot opens up to her, or as Mr Robot said she “override Elliot’s attempts to deny access” (I love it when the show uses hacking lingo in their dialogue).

I’m happy that Elliot might potentially have someone in his life who he can be himself with and grow to love but after his ex-girlfriend, Shayla, was murdered due to her associate with him, I doubt that their relationship will last long.

Whiterose’s past

Whiterose and her lover in a flashback

The flashbacks of Whiterose’s past was my favourite part of the episode. To get an insight into who she is and a relationship she had prior made me see her as human. All this time her actions have made me perceive her as a monster but Whiterose is just like you and me, she’s vulnerable and has been hurt and broken by the events of her past.

It’s so sad to know that she’s lost more than one lover due to her ambitions, either by association or by them being too in love with her that they can’t see the value of someone she can use. I hope we get to see more flashbacks like this, I love that they're unveiling her character and that we get to see a different side to her that we don’t often see.

“They’re listening”

Tyrell and Elliot in Elliot's apartment

Tyrell must love breaking and entering places, especially when it comes to Elliot’s apartment because it’s the second time he’s done it now. But putting Tyrell’s unlawfulness to one side, after Whiterose offered him the position of CEO of E Corp, he visits Elliot to tell him the news. But damn Tyrell couldn’t you keep your voice down!

It’s a good thing Elliot thought to write “they’re listening” on paper or the Dark Army would have realised what was going on...maybe they already do...maybe Whiterose has a plan for these two. We'll just have to wait and see don't we...

What did you think of Episode 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below!