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  • Ruth Holder

Mr Robot Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Is it just me but after every episode of Mr Robot, I can’t seem to think straight because either Sam Esmail has revealed information that we didn’t see coming or the episode is just full of perfect storytelling and cinematography that you’re still trying to understand how this show hasn’t blown up yet! Like seriously, why isn’t this show one of the most viewed TV series ever made?

But enough of me trying to understand the logic behind that, let’s dive into what happened in this week’s episode!

The Key

Edward Alderson's key to Elliot's Old Bedroom

I was eating my breakfast while I was watching Mr Robot and I literally didn’t touch my bowl of cereal during the entire opening sequence, because it was so ominous that I was preparing to see some new information in regards to Edward Alderson’s abuse towards Elliot and especially after last week’s episode, I wasn’t prepared for that.

Finding out that Edward had a key to Elliot’s room just makes me sick. He abused his son’s own privacy to get what he wanted. But Elliot fought back. He took his father’s key and hid it in a museum. It was his way of getting back control, his way of keeping the monster out and I'm happy that he knows that because he kept beating himself up about the fact that he possibly didn't. I believe knowing this is going to help him survive.

Dominique Is Badass Af!

Dominique points a gun at her captors

Honestly, I’ve never really been interested in Dominique up to this season, she was my least favourite character because to me she had the least interesting storyline. But this season, Sam has put her into some deep water, hasn’t he? Her family is at risk of being killed if she doesn’t do what the Dark Army wants, she’s forced to be a mole and Janice is one scary psychopath that you don’t want to mess with - so the odds certainly haven’t been in her favour.

But in this episode, she finally fights back and that was a sight to see! Dominique is practically on her deathbed yet she uses the exact knife that was plunged into her lungs to cut down one of the Dark Army’s minions, and then proceeds to kill the rest of them with his gun. If that isn’t badass, I don’t know what is!

The Father Elliot Needed

Mr Robot hugs Elliot

When Mr Robot told Elliot that he couldn’t protect him anymore in the previous episode, I thought that we wouldn’t see him again for the entire season and despite the revelation that he’d been hiding what happened to Elliot all this time, I really didn’t want it to be true. So when he appeared at Allsafe and Elliot was asking him to help with the hack, I was happy to see him again but also worried that Elliot and Mr Robot wouldn’t resolve their issues.

Luckily, they did! Mr Robot apologised for keeping what happened to him a secret and Elliot told him that, if he didn’t keep it a secret then he wouldn’t have Mr Robot. I’m so glad that they resolved and talked about the elephant in the room and hopefully they can grow stronger as they work to live with what happened.

Although, now that Elliot knows the truth, he no longer has the desire to go through with the hack which could have some consequences. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens!


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