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The Neon Arcade and Madqueen Show discuss Cyberpunk 2077 and THAT moment at E3...

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The world can't stop talking about Cyberpunk 2077. It's amazing how much love and support CD Projekt Red (CDPR) is getting from the Cyberpunk community, and I wanted to share some of that with you today.

I reached out to two of the most influential content creators, Madqueen Show and The Neon Arcade, to discuss their general thoughts on the game and the new CGI trailer that we got at E3. And, of course, their reaction to Keanu Reeves being announced as Johnny Silverhand!

So, let's get into it...

Photo Credit: CDPR

Mad Queen: Most cyberpunk mainstream is done under an American perspective or imitating the American perspective, and I find very interesting that this game is being done by Slavs that will mix an eastern European perspective with the American perspective of Mike Pondsmith. The fact that they're European gives them the chance to take some distance from the society they are criticizing, and I think that the mix between Pondsmith's vision and [CD Projekt] RED's vision can give a new (and very much needed) twist to the genre.

The Neon Arcade: I'm most excited for a ton of things, but If I had to pinpoint one it would most likely just be exploring the world in all it's glory and detail. The cyberpunk genre is incredibly unique and I think it deserves an open-world format when it comes to games, and no other games have been able to scratch that itch for me!

Photo Credit: CDPR

The Night City is full of dangerous gangs that you would not want to be on the bad side of. Or corrupt organisations that only care about the money that enters their pockets. But before we get to Neon Arcade's and Mad Queen's choices, let me turn the question over to you guys:

Personally I would LOVE to join Trauma Team (even though you wouldn't be able to in the game which is heartbreaking). But I just love their design and the fact that they're lethal because it suits the environment that they're in.

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Mad Queen: Well, I love the Bozos especially, they are very funny and crazy, although I wouldn't like to join them, they're too intense for me! One of the most interesting things in 2077 is going to be seeing how the gangs are evolved, some of the gangs in 2020 are a social commentary (like what Pondsmith explained about the Voodoo Boys) and they've been updated to be adapted to our times. So I don't really know what we're going to find in the video game regarding gangs, although I would love to see how they are modernising some of the gangs that were a direct reference to pop culture when the book was written.

Photo Credits: CDPR

The Neon Arcade: As you know we won't be able to join gangs or factions in the game, but if we could I'd probably want to join Trauma Team since you get to fly around in an AV, help out night city residents (even though it's just the wealthy), but also dish out some serious damage when you need to. MAX TAC or the Psycho Squad would be my runner up!

Photo Credit: CDPR

Mad Queen: I love Carpenter Brut, they have an awesome energy, but tbh I'm loving so much the new direction of the music that most probably, even if I have the possibility of importing my own music, I'm going to enjoy Marcin Przybyłowicz's tracks.

We also know from an interview with CD Projekt RED's CM Lilayah, who appeared in past week's podcast, that there are several bands participating in the music, so if the music direction is taking the direction that I feel it is taking, I don't think I'll need to add more music to the game.

The Neon Arcade: Ooooh that's a tough one, since I do listen to a ton of Electronic music, although most of it isn't classified under the "Synthwave" subgenre. Likely something by Pertubator or Kavinsky since those are really the only ones I'm familiar with.

Mad Queen: We already know Cunningham is going to be there, which makes sense since she doesn't have a body, it's interesting that she survived the DataKrash, from the gameplay seen at E3 (I couldn't see it myself, I hope to see it soon) it seems that the old net is still around, so maybe we can also encounter some of the avatars that Rache Bartmoss planted in the net during the DataKrash.

As in Cyberpunk the life expectancy is so variable (you can live longer thanks to technology but you can die really soon because survival is hard), I can assume people in higher positions can make it to 2077, although in previous trailer we were told the co-founder of Militech died, there are other corporative figures that could've survived: Saburo and Hanako Arasaka, for instance, also is a mystery who is at the head of the Arasaka megacorporation, since Kei Arasaka was trapped in the SoulKiller at the end of the 4th Corporate War, Saburo was missing, so I hope Hanako Arasaka is at the head of the company.

The character that I would love to see (apart from Bartmoss) is Anastasia Lucessi, granddaughter of Antonio Lucessi, co-founder of Militech, she was the deadliest of Militech black ops operatives and a kick ass woman in general.

Mad Queen: It's really funny because I had a series of criticism on past trailer and gameplay and everything that I had a problem there, or I disagreed with their vision, has been updated and I'm totally happy with this, so I guess I'm not the only one that didn't totally like it :) the animation of the new trailer is AWESOME, I'm a huge fan of animation and I worked myself in animated features some years ago, so it's one of the things that I always pay special attention to and, due to my professional experience, can appreciate when is well done, the way they're able to express subtle emotions with animations is spectacular.

Although I don't think this level of animation will be translated to the video game, I'd love it but I guess is too much.

Other of the problems I had in previous material we saw was the music, and I'm really thrilled with the updates, Marcin Przybyłowicz has done an amazing job updating the music, as in past gameplay everything sounded too 90s/early 2000s for my taste and didn't seem futuristic enough, and the nu metal band that did the new version of "Chippin In" has all my love.

I also loved how Netrunning evolved, we could only see a glimpse in the trailer, but I think that is very interesting that instead of staying only in the net, CD Projekt RED thought about the new technologies that are currently in our world, think that other cyberpunk works don't contemplate because they want to keep the spirit of the 80s, but it makes all the sense of the world that in the future there is wireless connection like we have it nowadays.

Actually, the wireless connection was already explored in the now discontinued V3 (that has been replaced by Cyberpunk Red), but when V3 was written, WiFi wasn't that extended so its point of view about it was still a little retro, so glad they reviewed V3, and looking forward to seeing if Red kept the good things, because although people don't like V3 it had a lot of fantastic things (like the evolution of crystaljocking present in 2077)

The Neon Arcade: I liked the overall mood of despair in the CGI trailer. The fact that Male V just looked stripped and defeated after the loss of Jackie, the grimy visuals and Dexters betrayal just really set the tone of a world that is trying to eat you. When it comes to the gameplay sneak peek, definitely the ice bath sequence and going to the black wall of the net!

Mad Queen: It's funny because the first time I saw Keanu Reeves in the trailer, my head-canon kicked in and I didn't recognise him as Silverhand because... Silverhand is blonde! It wasn't until Marcin Przybyłowicz tweeted Reeves was Silverhand that I couldn't make the "click" in my head to place Reeves there, and now that I think of it, I don't think there is a better actor for the role, he's like the Hollywood representation of Cyberpunk, he' in Johnny Mnemonic, the Matrix, and apart from his acting career he's known for being the biggest sweetheart, he has a charity foundation to found cancer's research and also he donates to child's hospitals.

So it's really amazing that he's in Cyberpunk 2077 in a major role, I also found very funny that he was dressed like the day he died in 2022 (or, at least, it looks like it for me), it will also be a great link between the Cyberpunk of our days with the Cyberpunk of the 90s

The Neon Arcade: I'm a fairly calm person so I didn't jump out of my seat or anything, but I was highly confused at first since I never expected CDPR to have a celebrity presence in the game. After it kind of sunk in though, I was incredibly stoked. I grew up watching The Matrix being my favorite movie and even though I was like 7 at the time when I first watched it, it really set a tone for me in finding movies that explore similar aspects, which I found to some degree in Bladerunner and Ghost In The Shell later on in life. I'll always think of Keanu as Neo so him with a beard and people calling him John Wick is something i'm pretty disconnected from. Anyways, super stoked can't picture anyone better celebrity wise.

A special thanks to The Neon Arcade and Madqueen Show for being a part of this blog interview. I just want to say:

And guys? This is just the beginning, I have so much more in store for you all. Stay tuned!

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