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Why You Should Get Into Techwear Clothing: The Best Cyberpunk Inspired Fashion

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the cyberpunk genre by wearing clothing that fits the gritty universe? Well Techwear is your best bet!

But you’re probably asking yourself: “What the hell is Techwear?”. Well don’t worry, that’s why you’re here right?

Techwear Images found on Google. Credits to the original owners

So initially I thought techwear was a fashion aesthetic that was associated with Cyberpunk. But I was wrong, it’s a lot more technical than that, it’s a clothing that is specialised for everyday life.

Remember all those times that you got caught in a heavy downpour of rain, or you didn’t have any space to carry all your valuable items in your pockets? Well guess what? Techwear has the solutions to all your problems!

Below are four of things that you can benefit from by wearing Techwear.

Photo Credit: Scarlett Stevens

Water Resistant

One of the main features that techwear provides is water repellency. So forget cancelling your plans because of a rainy day because techwear has got you covered (Get it? Rainy day... and techwear is water resistant, so you’re covered from the rain? No? Okay I’ll stop now)!

Gore-Tex, is the main reason why this is possible, the material is designed to be a lightweight and waterproof fabric. It is mainly used on outerwear as it's great to wear in harsh weather.


Another great aspect of techwear is breathability, which means the material allows sweat and heat to escape the body. So instead of feeling damp or sticky underneath the garments, you stay at a comfortable temperature.


Techwear is designed with mobility in mind. So if you’re someone who's quite active, don’t worry, you’ll be able to move freely without the fabric pulling or becoming worn out as you move around throughout the day.


One of my favourite things about techwear is the fact that it’s designed to have multiple compartments.

Techwear jackets and bags contain many pockets/compartments in which you’ll be able to store your phone, charger and even your laptop! Awesome, right? Which means you can start caring less about where you put your gear and more about how awesome you look rocking your new clothes!

Which brings me onto techwear jackets…

Photo Credit: Scarlett Stevens

Jackets are the most popular attire from techwear fashion. And there are two types: softshell and hardshell.

Hardshell provides better weather protection out of the two. It is windproof, waterproof and breathable. So, if you live in areas that are known to experience heavy downpours and snow, then hardshell jackets are your best bet.

Softshell however, doesn’t have the same level of protection that the hard shell provides. Due to it’s durable waterproof coating it repels light weather conditions like drizzle and snow.

Softshell focuses more attention on comfort, breathability and movement. So if you don’t experience harsh weather conditions where you live, then softshell jackets would be a better fit for you.

Sadly, techwear pants hasn’t gotten the same attention as jackets do but its popularity is increasing in the market. It’s core properties are: a mixture of water resistance, breathability and extra deep pockets.

Photo Credit: Scarlett Stevens

Now that you know more about the fashion that's associated with the Cyberpunk genre, let me introduce you to the top brands that you should look out for.


Listen, this is by far THE BEST BRAND to exist right now (in my opinion of course). Techwear usually uses darker and muted shades when creating their clothing. But Machine56 steps outside of the norm and adds bright, bold colours to his garments. So, if you’re someone who loves being in the spotlight or loves to stand out from the crowd. Machine56 is the brand to buy!

The jacket that you see me wearing in the photo below is available on his website, which I will link below. But they only have a limited stock, so once it’s gone… it’s gone.

Photo Credit: Scarlett Stevens


HolyGrail is the best brand to buy from if you're looking for techwear pants, with straps attached to them. It is easily one of the best things I’ve seen!

They actually did a collaboration with Machine56, where they combined Machine 56’s bold colours into the straps with both their names attached. It’s so dope!

The pants I'm referring to is shown in the photo below and it’s available on Holy Grail's website right now.

Photo Credit: Scarlett Stevens

Also Holygrail just came out with a Neon Green techwear pants which is so freaking dope! I’ve already ordered mine, can't wait to wear it!

Photo Credit: HolyGrail

So have I succeed in letting you fall in love with Techwear fashion? Let me know below!